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Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)

At Frontage, our scientific staff applies proven techniques and best-in-class approaches to generate data for critical milestones and decision making during drug discovery and development.


The highly trained and experienced scientific team provides broad and in-depth expertise/advice to clients on appropriate study designs, execution of studies, and interpretation of the data. We offer extensive drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic capabilities for new chemical entities and compounds in development.

  • Structural Optimization in Early Discovery
  • Pharmacokinetic Studies in Rodents, Dogs & NHP
  • In Vitro ADME (Discovery & Development)
  • Non-GLP Bioanalytical Studies
  • Radiolabel Studies (including Mass Balance)

For pharmaceuticals, we conduct a range of in vivo and in vitro ADME studies that are needed for selecting lead drug candidates in discovery or are required for regulatory filings of potential therapeutic agents. A range of capabilities and experience exist at Frontage to support discovery and development of drug candidates

For agrochemicals, we offer residual analyses, syntheses of metabolite standards and GLP in vivo/in vitro[jb1]  studies with radiolabeled compounds. For more information on our Agrochemical capabilities

Provide Scientific input to influence selection of lead drug candidates

Provide Scientific input to influence selection of lead drug candidates

DMPK Culex 300x257 - DMPK
Scientist at Frontage’s Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics laboratory.

In Vitro Services

  • Lead optimization
  • Metabolic Stability
  • Metabolic Pathway Identification
  • Metabolite Identification
  • Solubility

In Vivo Services

  • Pharmacokinetic studies and analysis
  • Various routes of dose administration and biofluid sampling
  • Compound/Test Article support including Salt/Formulation Selection
  • In-house surgical  procedures for increased health and control
  • Dedicated Bioanalytical Services for PK
  • PK/PD Biomarker Assessment
  • Metabolite profiling and identification
  • Target tissue exposure

Radiolabel/Isotope Services

  • Mechanistic or Routine Studies
  • Synthesis of Stable Isotopes for Metabolic studies (13C, 2H)
  • Radiolabeled compounds (14C, 3H) for Metabolic studies
  • Mass Balance, excretion, Distribution