Central Lab and Testing

Next generation central lab services

Central Laboratories and Testing

At Frontage, we offer our clients the next generation central lab services. What makes us different?

  • Integration: We are aligned with other laboratory testing services such as bioanalytical services, biomarker services, etc.
  • Sample Management System: A Dedicated Biorepository Laboratory Information System ensures that samples are received, sorted, and logged in based on the barcode, sent to the lab for immediate testing, and tracked throughout the entire process; Long-term storage at 4°C, -20°C, -70°C, and liquid nitrogen storage in a secure sample management room is available through Frontage Biorepository Services. Samples can also be transferred to auxiliary labs (including packaging and re-shipping), returned, or disposed of.
  • Data Consistency​: Consistent methodologies across our global central lab services locations to ensure laboratory data consistency globally and over time.​
  • State of the Art Instrumentation and Laboratory Information System: Accurate and precise laboratory results, as well as capability in handling high testing volume per day.​ Cloud based LIS technology with emphases on sample management, logistics, data regulatory compliance, and data analysis. Data mining based on Artificial Intelligence is an option.
  • Responsiveness​: The Frontage central laboratory has and will be designing each job and role to support operational agility in line with industry best practice. ​
  • Team based approach for project management: This approach provides seamless communications and continuity of projects to ensure utmost client satisfaction.