Full suite of vaccine assessment and testing services



Frontage Lab’s scientific team has decades of industry experience to offer expertise to support vaccine development programs from preclinical through post-approval. We provide full range of vaccine services from Development, qualification, and validation to extensive statistical and regulatory expertise to high-throughput, automated and/or multiplex assays to support for both adult and pediatric indications. Frontage has significant regulatory experience with over 18 inspections from leading global authorities in USA. We operate under GLP, GCP, ANVISA and CLIA regulations.

Frontage vaccine sciences lab supports submissions for new, modified and combination vaccines by providing efficacy and concomitant use testing services. Frontage team is supporting assays to monitor vaccine-induced immunogenicity, safety and efficacy.

Different tests and experiments have been designed to monitor a variety of parameters to monitor effects of vaccine. From assay development, validation to clinical testing and regulatory approval, we offer the technology and scientific expertise required for fast and complete vaccine development.

Tests and Assays Offered:

  • Antigen Detection/Quantitative RT-PCR/Sequencing
  • Traditional and Multiplex Immunoassays
  • Neutralization Antibody Assays
  • Analysis of T-Cell Subsets
  • Th1/Th2 Customizable Panel for Cytokine Profiling
  • Cytokine Biomarker Testing
  • Cell-Mediated Immunity Methods
  • Multiple Viral and Bacterial Functional Assays

The vaccine sciences lab has a useful and diverse collection of techniques and instrumentation to support your development and testing needs. Our diverse capabilities include use of the wide variety of platforms.

Molecular Assays Immunology Assays Cytokine Biomarker Testing
RealTime PCR/QuantStudio 5/7Flex ddPCR ELISA/EIA Quanterix Simoa®
Diasorin Liaison MDX MSD® Electrochemiluminesence
Illumina NGS Sequencing GYROS
Luminex® Multiplexed
Navios EX Flow Cytometry (FACS)
Enzyme-Linked Immunospot (ELISPOT)