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Laboratory Services

At Frontage we offer a comprehensive portfolio of laboratory services supporting a wide variety of drug discovery through development programs. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes DMPK, Safety and Toxicology, Bioanalytical and Central Lab related services.

Quality small 300x200 - Laboratory ServicesFocusing on Technical Excellence:

We believe that we deliver high quality services through our focus on technical excellence, which enables us to understand and solve complex scientific challenges (such as challenges in drug formulation, data interpretation and bioanalysis). We employ new scientific approaches, technologies, and processes to provide innovative solutions to challenging problems. We are committed to providing rigorous scientific expertise assuring the highest quality and compliance for each project

Integrated 300x200 - Laboratory ServicesStrong Track Record of Successful Regulatory Inspection:

We have a strong track record of successful regulatory inspections. Our facilities have successfully undergone inspections by the US FDA, NMPA and Health Canada on numerous occasions. In addition, our facilities have also been inspected by the US EPA, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (“DEA”), the World Health Organization (“WHO”) and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (“NRC”). None of these inspections have resulted in any materially adverse issues being identified. Any questions that have been raised have consistently been addressed to the satisfaction of the relevant regulatory authorities, demonstrating that we meet or exceed the high standards placed on our industry.