Tobacco Studies

Evaluating Alternative Tobacco Products


Evaluating Alternative Tobacco Products

With over 20 years of experience conducting comprehensive Phase I-IIa clinical studies, Frontage Clinical Services has full-service capabilities to conduct a broad range of study types (e.g. PK, confinement and ambulatory). Because of our extensive experience with a wide variety of drug delivery systems, we are well-positioned to conduct tobacco-focused clinical research studies with endpoints including nicotine PK analysis, abuse liability and analysis of biomarkers of potential harm.

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Frontage Full-Service Approach

Our modern 36,000 sq. ft. facility lo­cated in Secaucus, NJ includes a purpose-built, 160-bed clinic within multiple units, and specialized smoking and vaping rooms. We have a secure limited-access dedicated storage facility for investigational products, with video monitoring and restricted key card entry throughout the facility. Our staff includes 2 full time board-certified physicians serving as Investigators, and a laboratory manager, project manager and technical advisor with tobacco clinical research experience.

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Negative Pressure Room located in Secaucus, New Jersey


What sets us apart:

Clinical Services

Our clinical facility includes two separate specialized smoking/vaping rooms with:

  • Air handling units utilizing displacement ventilation
  • Convective air flows from floor to ceiling
  • Adjoining dispensing rooms and processing laboratories
  • Accommodations for up to 40 subjects at one time
  • Furniture containing non-absorbent fabric for easy cleaning

Recruitment Capabilities For Tobacco Studies

Our clinical facility is in an ethnically diverse region in northern New Jersey:

  • Less than 7 miles from NYC, with access to over 3 million healthy adult volunteers who self-report as smokers
  • Proximity to extensive mass transit and major airports
  • Located in medical center hub, giving access to large pool of trained medical staff.

Bioanalysis And Research Services

Tobacco Specific Assays: We are developing a variety of assays tailored to meet your needs in matrices such as human serum, plasma, and urine.

If you are interested in Tobacco Specific Biomarkers, please click here!